In an era of constant technological development when communication with target market and business partners is crucial in securing the sale, finding new costumers and keeping long-termed business relations; the audiovisual works meant for marketing and corporate communication are a necessity for every company.



Short »image« or commercial presentation films on web sites or social networks, a present to business partners or customers, longer corporate or educational films for presentations at fairs and other independent presentational activities and aesthetic video commercials with a clear message all of which help YOU being seen, conquering new markets, preserving a competitive position and serve as communicative tool of YOUR new products and services.

We help YOU implement all these and similar ideas!


4878037c91The company ProBAKSTER – Aleš Petrič s.p. offers attractive and quality service on the field of audiovisual works. We take care of the whole process of the video production–from preproduction (idea, script, preparation for filming) to production (filming, animation) and postproduction (editing, sound processing, colour correction, etc.).

We use different creative and technical methods, which allow a holistic approach in video production, optimisation of the client’s investment, high expertise in production and technical perfection of the final product.

Short commercial films, longer marketing, presentational or educational films and aesthetic video ads with a clear message help to spread recognition and serve as communicative tool for the projects and services of the companies. Music videos are almost a necessity for the recognition of musicians, while documentaries reveal the stories we always wanted to tell.


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