:: Production process ::

For professional realization we use steps that optimizes clients time and investment. We are aware that ending video product depends from how good the team and client work together before the realization, in the process of production and when finishing last touches in post-production.


creating idea,
designing ideas and scenario,
choosing location for shooting,
organization of project


filming (HD, 4K, slow motion, multicam, timelapse…)
director of photography DP,
special equipment (video from air, dolly, crane…)
equipment rental (cameras, lenses, …)
actors – casting,
lighting rental (kinoflos, led panels, HMI’s,…)
other (masks, costumes, choreography,…)


video editing,
color correction,
making 2D and 3D animations,
production and editing audio – buying copyrighted sounds and music,
creating CGP,
mastering (in different formats; *.wmv, *.avi, *.flv, *.dvd, *.mpg, *.mp4 …),
archiving, print and reproduction

We take care of all phases of video production process and make while movie on demand.

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